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China sourcing agent


As a China sourcing agent, Goalrunning helps you connect with manufacturers and works directly with suppliers, thus ensuring your products are produced correctly and your shipments are delivered smoothly to your warehouse.

My Story

Welcome to Goalrunning(Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou – GR for short).

I’m Andy, the owner of GR as a freelancer of a sourcing agent for more than 8 years in Guangzhou.

Many years ago, I met my partner in Guangzhou and became his part-time staff in China.

What I did was source and purchase the clothes on the markets in Guangzhou, and then arrange the shipment after the quality inspection.

After 8 years of working, not only did I accumulate a lot of procurement experience but also know a lot of high-quality suppliers in China.

Then 4 years ago, I started the Goalrunning website. I wrote the blog to share some experiences to help friends in need, For example how to find out the right supplier, and how to purchase in Guangzhou markets.

But blogging is just my hobby.

My job is always to search for new suppliers/products for customers every day.

Therefore if you are planning to import from China, or you are looking for a suitable supplier in Guangzhou, then you can follow the blog updates on this website.

Because here you can find the skills you need. Of course, you can leave a message to me for the sourcing questions in China, I will get back to you with my best.


Sourcing Service

It`s divided into Supplier Sourcing and Products Sourcing. That is finding the right suppliers or products for you through a variety of methods.

Follow-up orders

Follow up on your various orders, and keep reporting on the specifics of the orders. So that you can keep track of all the details.

Quality Inspection

Conduct different quality inspections at different stages of production to ensure qualification rate, then to save your money.

What our Customers say

Thank you so much! When my business was very difficult, it was your conscientious and responsible work that gave me great help, thank you!
customers say
Mark Williams
★★★★★ 5/5

Need Help?


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for New buyers

A good sourcing agent plays an important role in business. When you want to purchase from China, the following things you need to make clear.

Supplier or Products Sourcing, Verifying suppliers, Quality control, Loading process supervision, Goods consolidation, Shipping coordination, Business risk control, Legal contract support, After-sale service, etc.

We are located in Guangzhou city and know all the wholesale markets in Guangzhou city. Most of the services we do in Guangzhou and cities around, but we can also trip to other cities in China.

Sourcing — All of China
Follow-up orders– Guangzhou and cities around
Quality inspection— All of China

The Service fee will be confirmed at the beginning.

We charge the service fee only, the clients should be in charge of the purchasing and pay the extra days’ cost.

We live and worked in Guangzhou for more than 8 years.

We are a legally registered Chinese company, with 300,000RMB registered capital. Our company name is 歌润商务有限公司, which is verifiable on

Usually, there are 3 kinds of shipping methods: Sea freight, air freight, and Express.

Express always for sample shipping, Air freight for the small qty orders with the urgent situation and high value. Sea freight is the most popular way for bulk orders.

Trusted by more than 200 clients


You are dealing with a sourcing agent with 8 years of experience in sourcing and purchasing in Guangzhou, China.

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