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Hi, Dear,

This is Andy, the owner of GR( and a freelancer of sourcing business in Guangzhou.
I worked and lived in Guangzhou for 10 years.

Many years ago, I met my Indonesian partner in Guangzhou, and became his purchasing agent in China. specializing in the markets in Guangzhou to purchase clothing, fashion accessories, handbags and other products.

10 years of work has not only accumulated a lot of procurement experience, but also know a lot of high-quality suppliers in Guangzhou and China.

I start the Goalrunning website. I wrote the blogs,  sharing some experience to help the friends in need, For example how to find out the right supplier, how to purchase in Guangzhou markets.

Blogging is just my hobby, and my job is still the business assistant to find new products for customers every day. If you are planning to import from China, or you are looking for a suitable supplier in Guangzhou, you can follow my blog updates, or you can contact me for any help.

Or if you are happening to look for a Chinese purchasing agent, you can also contact me, our story begins from this moment.

My Services

Business assistant

I help you dealing with the business issues in China, QC, Merchandiser. If you need a staff in China to handle your order processing, quality control, shipment arrange and new supplier development, I can solve this problem for you. Because I have almost ten years of experience in this area.

Supplies Sourcing

Both B2B and B2C businesses can purchase online, what you need to do is just send me the product photos, I can develop the appropriate suppliers for you. After the price and sample style confirmed, I can help you to purchase and delivery. So you don't need to come to China to make the perfect purchase.

Business Guide

I can be your full-time guide on supplier visit or exhibitions. There are a lot of factories and trade shows in China. If you need to visit different suppliers and attend different trade shows, I can provide you with a guide service. For the time being only in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan city available.

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I`d like to help you on business in China. 

My service:

  1. Business assistant – Purchase management, orders coordinate
  2. Supplier Sourcing – Suppliers sourcing, Products sourcing
  3. Business Guide – Markets guide, Exhibition Interpreting, Suppliers Auditing


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