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Sportswear manufacturer

Sportswear manufacturers in China

Sportswear Manufacturer Sourcing is one of my services in the past few years.

With the popularity of all kinds of sports meetings worldwide, sportswear is also selling exceptionally popular all over the globe.

Basketball, football, and other ball games are particularly popular among children and youngsters. Thus basketball uniforms, football jerseys, and other sportswear have become the favorite of young people and all kinds of fans.

We can find several wholesale markets that are specializing in sportswear in Guangzhou. These markets cover almost all types of activewear and accessories. So if you are a sportswear importer or wholesaler, then you should not miss these markets in Guangzhou.

For foreigners, maybe you can’t find these markets when you be in Guangzhou, but you could contact me for the information.

Sportswear Manufacturers

China sportswear factories

The production process

jersey factory cutting


Cutting the jersey fabric to pieces

printing jersey fabric


Printing the jersey fabric on logo or team

stitching in the factory


Stitching the fabric pieces to a full garment



Packing the ready jerseys into the cartons

My service

Sourcing Products

If you're struggling to find the right sportswear supplier or factory, then I can help you. Just fill out the form and wait for us to reply.

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Sportswear Production

I provide a one-stop service from sourcing suppliers to products shipping, with keeping you informed of the work progress.

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Some of my Projects

custom sportswear

Custom Sportswear

The culture of sport always changes. Right now, there are a lot of young athletes looking to customize their attire.

China has a huge industry of custom sportswear, and this place is a great place to find products.

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Club Soccer Uniforms

Club Soccer Uniforms

So many companies creates the soccer uniforms for the world’s top clubs.

They could coordinate your team's soccer uniforms with countless designs, including styles from world-famous brands

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club football jerseys

Club Football Jerseys

Whether it is a world-famous Football club or a small soccer club that is generally not famous, their uniforms can be easily customized.

In this professional sportswear production base, any sports clothes can be easily solved

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custom basketball jerseys

Basketball Jerseys Custom

A new small business in China is bringing in $5 million worth of custom basketball jerseys in a year, using large-scale orders.

Here we offer custom basketball jerseys with the top scorers, the best designs and the most affordable cost.

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custom football jersey

Custom Football Jersey

At present, there are a serious amount of custom football jersey manufacturers in China, which has become a trend because of the increasing number of football players and fans all over the world.

Click to Get in touch with the suppliers.

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custom baseball jerseys

Personal Tennis Jerseys

When a company needs to make their product using their custom logo, they will turn to a Chinese company at the first time.

And so are you tennis jerseys. To get a good supplier and better price by click here.

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soccer team jerseys

Soccer Team Jerseys

Football Team Jerseys OEM orders get easy if you turn to China.

Most of the sportswear manufacturers are able to produce the jerseys for your Team.

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team jersey design

Team Jersey Design

For a small company, it is not a big problem to design the team jersey for their customers.

You can get many suppliers for your own team jersey design and produce in Guangzhou markets.

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wholesale football jerseys

Wholesale Football Jerseys

Actually, there are many football jerseys wholesalers on Guangzhou wholesale markets

For a small business owner, it is the best way to purchase the products on a wholesale market.

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My Features

  • Professional

    I can get the right supplier for your jerseys orders very quickly, whether you are a branded, a small importer, or a wholesaler. That will saving time for you.

  • Reliable

    All suppliers have been contacted and visited by myself before recommend to you, so you won't encounter any scammers. Your money and goods are safe.

  • Small MOQ

    Many small factories can accept low MOQ orders, and OEM orders can also accept small trial orders. Therefore, it makes your business more flexible, less capital pressure.

Team Race Sportswear

Custom sportswear OEM

Different types of products

Wholesale Items

football jerseys

Football Jerseys

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If you are going to purchase the football jersey in Guangzhou, then you’ll find it is really surprising.

Soccer jerseys wholesale in Guangzhou is more professional than other industy.

You can get the cheap soccer jerseys, the high quality football jerseys, and even the famous club version jerseys after walk around the wholesale markets.

Through the years, basketball jerseys wholesale in Guangzhou have become a prosperous industry.

With a combination of style, innovation, and quality, the Guangzhou wholesale markets can achieve its goal of satisfying the needs of customers and creating profit.


basketball jersey

Basketball Jerseys

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trainning sportswear

Trainning sportswear

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In Guangzhou, qualified network and supply resources provide professional service to all customers.

On the wholesale markets, there are so many professional sportswear manufacturers in sports training wear wholesale, that you can easily get any kind of the training sportswear. 

For a small business owner or a startup, the best way to purchase products is to spend less money to get more items.

The wholesale market in Guangzhou is a good place to solve your problem. 

Most of the wholesale businesses are accepting the small MOQ with attractive prices.

Tennis jerseys wholesale is the same as other items. You will get the target price with less qty. 

tennis jersey

Tennis Jerseys

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Suppliers Recommended

Here is a jersey market in Guangzhou city, which professional wholesale for football jerseys, basketball jerseys, baseball clothing, etc…

Nearly all kinds of sportswear can be found in this market. Every year, many foreigners come to purchase various types of sportswear and sports-related products.

So, you can find all the famous team jerseys in the world on this market. And it is able to offer a small MOQ of wholesale stock as well as OEM service.

sportswear wholesale market

It`s very funny that all the suppliers in this market are from the same place, a small town in Guangxi province.
This is a professional town of knitting sportswear manufacturers.

And they said all people no matter old and young in the town are making sportswear, some working in a factory, some establish the factory, and some others supply the fabric or accessories.

So if you are a jersey wholesaler or retailer, or you are looking for a reliable sportswear supplier in China. You can try to find the supplier from this small town.

Looking for the Sportswear Supplier?


Just send your questions to get the supplier recommendation

Or questions for the sportswear manufacturing solution


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XM apparel

The company produces knitted sportswear, with the largest production of soccer uniforms. Their products are mainly exported to Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

They produce the team uniforms for various soccer clubs, and the products are of good quality to win the praise from customers.

TJZ apparel

TJZ apparel is a sportswear manufacturer that specializes in producing soccer jerseys and only takes OEM orders.

The factory has been established for 8 years, they produce competition clothing for soccer teams. The products are first-class workmanship and are mainly exported to Panama and other Central and South American regions.

XYZ garment

This is a company that specializes in the development and production of sportswear.
They can design personalized sportswear for you, and their main products are soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys, etc…

The product design is fashionable and beautiful enough to be suitable for recreational and competition needs.

TW sports

TW sports is a professional sportswear manufacturer with OEM orders.

They are familiar with digital heating transfer printing technology. So their main products are men’s sportswear and women’s sportswear with heating printing.

Most of their products are exported to Oceania, the Middle East, South America, and Africa.

YL apparel

They mainly produce soccer uniforms (such as team uniforms, training uniforms, goalkeeper uniforms, etc.), and their products are exported to North America and Eastern Europe, etc.

This company has produced uniforms for many famous soccer teams and offers wholesale general soccer jerseys.

HYQ sports

HYQ sports is a small sportswear factory, which produces men’s sportswear, women’s activewear, and children’s sportswear.

They export a lot of men’s soccer jerseys and children’s football jerseys every year.

AS sports

It is a factory that produces knitted activewear.

They keep up with the annual sports trends and produce fashionable designs of soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys, and tennis jerseys.

Their products are exported to North America and South America and are welcomed by their customers.

ZD sports

The company specializes in football jerseys wholesale.

Whether you are looking for soccer club uniforms, national team uniforms, or you want to customize your own soccer team jerseys, they have a great solution for you.

The quality of their products is high and with a good wholesale price.

WH apparel

This is a company that does wholesale sportswear in the Guangzhou wholesale market.

They not only have wholesale soccer uniforms, wholesale basketball jerseys, but also wholesale tennis uniforms and all kinds of training uniforms for customization and wholesale.

If you are a small wholesaler or retailer of sportswear or just a startup for activewear business, you can look for them to purchase.

XXYD apparel

The company located in a Guangzhou wholesale market is mainly engaged in the design, production, and wholesale of various soccer uniforms.

If you just want to purchase the right soccer uniforms, Such as the soccer clubs’ Racewear, training uniforms, fan jerseys, and uniforms of various national soccer teams, your requests can meet here.

Every year they export their soccer uniforms to Central and South America, Australia, and Africa.

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Some of your questions about my service

I source the sportswear manufacturers both online and offline.

See the page: Supplier sourcing

Yes, of course.

Once I send you the contact list of suppliers, you can get in touch with them by yourself.

Yes, Sourcing service is free for everyone.

I just charge once there is cost, for example, samples cost, Express fee, or other kinds of the cost.

I will be your staff in China if you send the orders to me directly.

First of all, I should choose the best suitable supplier and send them the orders.

And then follow up the orders and control the quality untill the products shipped to you.