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China Jeans Factory

We can sourcing the denim jeans products and suppliers for your business

Where are the denim jeans manufacturers located in China?

There are four major industry areas of denim in Guangdong, China, where all the China jeans factory located in.

  • Xintang Town in Guangzhou
  • Dachong Town in Zhongshan
  • Junan Town in Foshan
  • Sanbu Town in Kaiping

These four areas are the main exporters of denim in China. They export a large number of jeans, denim jackets, denim skirts, etc… all over the world every year.

Brief description

The domestic sales of denim products are mainly produced in Xintang and Dachong towns, and they are also wholesaled through the Guangzhou market.

In recent years, with the development of China’s denim products, in addition to the four major production areas mentioned above, there are several other places where jeans manufacturers gather, such as Zibo, Shijiazhuang, Changshu, Yulin, and so on.

Jeans Production Process

This will show you how to make a jeans pants in a jeans factory

jeans design draft


Create the jeans styles by designers of a jeans factory

make jeans sample

Make Sample

Make out the sample in the sample room

denim fabric

Fabric & Accessory

Buy fabric and accessories accroding to the design

cutting denim fabric


Cutting the fabric according to the design

denim jeans producing


Production of bulk goods in the workshop

jeans washing


Wash the jeans for process purposes

stitching patch

Stitching patch

Stitch the patch on the jeans pants



Pin the buttons on the jeans



Ironing denim pants to make it neat and tidy



Pack the ready products before shipping

What`s My Services

Sourcing suppliers

Sourcing the different kinds of denim jeans suppliers for your business. The reliable and safe way.

Jeans Production

My company accept the jeans orders at the same time. Just send your inquiry to get the details.


Why we different from others

Extensive experience

With more than 8 years of experience in jeans manufacturer sourcing, jeans orders follow-up, and quality inspection, we begin the professional jeans practitioners. 

And we believe that all your jeans manufacturing and import problems in China can be settled down in a professional way.

Fast Response

We know how important fast response is in the business, especially in denim jeans manufacturing.

Because it needs a very long time from the design to the delivery. So we need to respond to everything fast to get the Business opportunities.

Better service

Different from the factory, we communicate with the customers every day. So we know the customers point more than the stuff in the factory.

Besides that, we serviced the Jeans buyers for many years, we know what should we pay more attention to during the producing to avoid the big mistakes.

What we know about the denim Jeans

We have kept sourcing the Jeans factory in China for our buyers for more than 8 years, since we start the sourcing service.

jeans factory

Large Amount

More than 100+ denim jeans manufacturers we cooperated in the past few years. So we have a strong supply chain of the denim jeans industry in China from the raw fabric to the ready products.

jeans samples

Countless Samples

We can find the right jeans supplier to you wherever you come from as well as we can source the right denim jeans factory for whatever the styles. And also, we can get the right denim jeans manufacturers with small MOQ, fast delivery.


One-stop solution

The problem for you import the jeans products from China is the same for what we care about. We control the risk for you. Because we can offer you one-stop solution of import jeans from China. So just relax to cooperate the jeans factory we sourced for you.

The products we exported

Jeans for Women

The most popular style of women's jeans

In order to bring more styles of women’s jeans to their customers, manufacturers need to explore different manufacturing processes and try to design more and more attractive styles. This will help them reduce waste and save money.

I have sourced and manufactured a wide range of jeans for my clients, and every year millions of women’s jeans are successfully shipped to our customers’ warehouses

Image hover effect image

Baggy Jeans

Researchers predict that the baggy jeans trend will be a favorite among women.

Boyfriend Jeans

The hottest emerging style trends that North America's leading

Image hover effect image

Skinny Jeans

The styles change quickly and it's important to stay on top of what's hot now and what will be hot

Bootcut Jeans

Image hover effect image

Ripped Jeans

From a fashion perspective, it isn't cool to be too thin anymore.

Jeans for Kids

Choosing the right jeans for your kids is important.

Are you looking for a jeans manufacturer in China? Or are you in the market for the cheapest kid’s jeans?

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable source for kids’ jeans, Goalrunning offers a huge selection of jeans for kids wholesale and manufacturing that delivers high-quality on-trend styles at a fraction of their retail price.

Goalrunning has a robust collection of kids jeans that includes jeans for boys, jeans for girls, jeans for toddlers, and jeans for teens in your choice of colors and size.

Blue Jeans

The most timeless and classic style

Men`s Jeans

Classic and Simple Forever 

In terms of annual production, men’s jeans are a little lower than women’s jeans. I helped some buyers sourcing and manufacturing mens denim pants for more than 5 years.

Some of the customers like purchasing the stocks on the wholesale markets, and some others need to manufacture their own brand.

In a word, the style of men’s jeans is relatively simple and the production process is less than women`s.

Image hover effect image

Black Jeans

dashing in a pair of men's jeans is timeless and always in style.

Image hover effect image

Denim Shorts

dashing in a pair of men's jeans is timeless and always in style.

Image hover effect image

Cargo Pants

There is no doubt that men`s cargo pants are a staple in any style-conscious wardrobe

Image hover effect image

Straight leg Jeans

No matter what your personal style, you can never go wrong with these timeless jeans.

overall short
Short Overall


The latest denim style is fast fashion that's transforming how women approach their style. More brands are bringing on-trend styles and quality to market.

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women denim jacket
Denim jacket

Denim Jacket

Manufacturers of denim jackets have changed the overall style of the jacket so much so that it's difficult to keep up fashion

Your Inquiry
denim skirts
Denim skirt

Denim Skirt

The decision to make a new fabric came because the factory was struggling with low-quality denim skirts.

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50 China jeans factory recommended

These are the you can`t find on the B2B platforms

MY Clothing company

This is a small Jeans factory whose products are mainly exported to Africa, North America, Western Europe, etc. They specialized in denim jackets, and casual denim pants manufacturing.

XB denim garment company 

A mid scaled garment company with fast sampling make. They produce denim garments, casual denim pants, woven baby clothes, etc. Most of the products are exported to North America and Western Europe, etc.

Guangdong XF company

It is a middle-sized clothing company established in 2014 with more than 300 product styles and 100 fabric samples.
They produce jeans, denim shirts, denim pants, etc. which are mainly exported to Africa and Western Europe, etc.

LM garment company

A small-scale jeans factory which manufacturing jeans for women for more than 5 years. They specialized in women’s jeans, and shorts production. Most of their products are exported to Eastern Europe and the CIS.

JT Textile & Garment Co.

This is a garment company whose 80% of the products are exported to North America and South America.
They focus on producing men`s jeans and cargo pants. And they are full support for customers to develop new products.

baggy jeans
ripped jeans

Guangzhou MQ garment Co

It`s a big scale garment company with more than 14 years.
They export to North America and Asia every year with many kinds of jeans and denim pants.

RYS garment factory

They are a big garment factory located in Guangzhou. They specialized in denim garment and casual pants manufacturing. And most of the products are exported to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Guangzhou XX Clothing Co.

A Decade-old factory in Guangzhou who are making jeans, casual denim pants, and denim jackets especially. Their products are exported to America and Europe with fast response and nice quality.

LF Apparel Co

Here is a middle-scale jeans factory located in Guangzhou. Nearly 70% of the products are exported to North America and Europe. This is a full experience factory of jeans for women, skinny jeans, and ripped jeans.

WZ garment Co

We can find many garment companies focusing on branded manufacturing. And WZ garment Co is the one we can get. They are a comprehensive company with a wide range of products such as skinny jeans, ripped jeans, cargo pants, casual pants, and T-shirts. Most of their customers are sellers on Amazon and eBay…

Dongguan PS garment Co

Here is another wide range of products company nearby an International fabric trading center in Humen.
They export the men`s jeans, cargo pants, and woven jackets to North America and the Middle East very much. And they cooperated with some Asia brands for a long time.

XH apparel Co

There is a jeans factory that focuses on women’s jeans manufacturing located in Dongguan.
We can get a fast response on the sampling and production.
Half of their women’s jeans are exported to South America and Asia.

XF garment Co

A small garment factory that is good at denim garment, casual pants, and T-shirt manufacturing.

YM trading Co

A professional manufacturer of ladies’  fashion denim garments. With thousands of styles and designs, they export ladies’  fashion jeans and embroidered denim garments all over the world.

Pa Apparel Ltd

They are a manufacturer of women’s jeans, children’s jeans, and denim garments.
The maternity with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force for almost 10 years.

boyfriend jeans
men`s jeans

YS garment Ltd

Not all garment factories are old times. Here we can get a jeans manufacturer Newcomer. Though it was established in a short time, it exports 80% of the denim garments to Europe and America each year.

CC garment Ltd

If you are looking for a good manufacturer for Children’s jeans or denim jackets, then you’re in luck. Because this is a jeans manufacturer focused on boy`s jeans, girls` jeans, and all kinds of denim jacket manufacturing.

LLH garment factory

It is a real factory that specializes in producing women’s denim garments. They are a new factory with a professional management system. Normally, the products are women’s denim jackets, printing denim jackets, and women’s denim shorts.

TF garment Ltd

A 7 years old factory that is professional in women’s denim garments manufacturing. If you are looking for women’s skinny jeans, denim skirts, denim shirts, or denim jackets, then they will be a good choice.

BD garment Ltd

BD garment Ltd is a professional women’s garment factory 14 years old. They are manufacturing for Asia customers women skinny jeans, big size jeans, and so on.

SJ garment factory

They are a factory dedicated to jeans manufacturing. They accept the OEM/ODM orders for men`s denim jackets, women’s denim jackets, and denim tops of high quality. All the products are exported.

QY garment factory

The mid-range quality of jeans factory recommended. They are professional in men`s jeans, women’s denim garments, and denim tops manufacturing.

Easyget Co., Ltd

It is specializing in the research, development, and production of all kinds of denim garments. They are providing various product manufacturing such as women’s jeans, men’s jeans, denim pants, and denim jackets.

TL garment Ltd

TL garment Ltd. Is a big-scale garment company with its own jeans factory and washing factory.
They export men`s jeans, baggy jeans, also cargo pants to Europe and America every year.

FZD clothing Co., Ltd

This is a factory specialized in manufacturing jeans. They are a company with rich experience in the denim jeans industry. Your casual jeans, skinny or ripped jeans OEM and ODM orders are accepted.

cargo pants
skinny jeans

JDZ Garment Co., Ltd

They are a factory that specializes in Men`s customizing casual pants and jeans. It is a well-known company for its high-quality products on jeans products and textiles.

AP Co., Ltd

This is a jeans manufacturer with its own trading department. The main products are jeans and woven pants.

VK garment Co., Ltd

A high-end denim products manufacturing company located in Guangdong. They make denim jeans products with fast delivery and nice quality

BD clothing Co., Ltd

They have rich experience in jeans manufacturing and exported huge products each year.
As they provide good quality and reasonable price, They get a lot of good reviews from foreign buyers.

WP garments Co., Ltd

For buyers who purchase a wide range product of garments, here’s a benefit. This is a jeans manufacturer with many kinds of garment products. Every year, they export a huge number of women’s denim overalls, men`s baggy jeans, and skinny jeans to South America and North America.

NTS Co., Ltd

NTS is a jeans factory and trading company in China. They supply different kinds of denim products with high quality and favorable prices.

KJ Garment Co., Ltd

It is a high-end jeans customizing factory for more than 10 years. They integrate denim fabric, washing, design, and producing men`s jeans, women’s jeans, and children’s denim garments. Most of their products are exported to Australia, Europe, and America.

YZ Clothing Co., Ltd

The professional manufacturer of all kinds of jeans products. It is a big-scale jeans factory with 9 years of experience.

YX garment factory

They export high-quality denim garments all over the world. This is a factory with the features of low MOQ, and customized OEM orders acceptable. Thus they get many customers who are E-commence sellers.

RA Trade Co., Ltd

The company was established more than 12 years with specialized in denim jeans production.
They are good at women’s jeans design. And they export women’s skinny jeans, high waist jeans, and men`s color pants, etc… to Europe all the time.

flare jeans
wide leg jeans

XB garment Co., Ltd

XB garment company is a big-sized garment company with its own fabric factory, washing factory, and trading department. The main products include Men`s jeans, women’s jeans, children’s jeans, and other types of denim items.

LC Garment Co., Ltd

This is a jeans factory located in the Jeans city of China. They just focus on all kinds of jeans, denim jackets, denim shirts, or cargo pants manufacturing and exporting.

NC clothing Co., Ltd

NC clothing offers a variety of denim products to meet the customers’ multifarious demands. They are a trading company with professional service in jeans manufacturing.

TX garment Co., Ltd

A one-stop production capacity of jeans. The company specialized in jeans manufacturing. And their buyers have come from Europe and the United States.
They accept small MOQ orders at a reasonable price.

YT garment Co., Ltd

They are high-end jeans customizing factory for 12 years that integrates garments washing design and production of men′s jeans, women′s denim pants, and children′s denim garments.
They exporting jeans products to Australia, Europe, and America for many years, and the business growing up year by year.

KG Trade Co., Ltd

A trading company with a diverse range of products. Denim garment is just a small part of the products. They have exported lady jeans, skinny jeans, and flare jeans to Asia.

KS garment Co., Ltd

KS garment is a garment factory that is large-scale clothes with its associated category.
They offer promotional items for jeans garments with punctual delivery and competitive prices.

YLT garment Co., Ltd

The manufacturer and trading company was established in 2009. It is a garments manufacturer focused on all kinds of women’s clothes production.

They are good at design and provide professional advice to the customers. What’s more, they offer a newly designed sample every month for the customers from UK and USA.

Your OEM orders are welcomed even with the small MOQ. If you are full of women’s denim garments wholesale or private label, you may not miss this good supplier.

XC Co., Ltd

Although a new factory it is, they have been in jeans production for more than 10 years. Most of the jeans products are exported to South America and Mid-East.

CT clothing Co., Ltd

Within 8 years` experience in jeans garment production, CT clothing is already a professional jeans manufacturer.
They have specialized in baby denim garments and kids denim apparel production. They are good at baby garment design at competitive prices.

jeans for women
cargo pants for men

TH Co., Ltd

This is a medium-scale company specializing in garment design. They are a factory with excellent quality, preferential prices, and good after-sales service.

AY clothing Co., Ltd

A professional manufacturer and wholesaler of women’s denim garments.
You can get all types of women’s garments here, and jeans, denim skirts, denim shirts, and denim shorts as well.
They accept OEM and ODM orders with competitive prices and small MOQ.

NH trade Co., Ltd

It is a 20 years garment exporting company whose main products are jeans, denim tops, denim shorts, and skinny jeans.
They are a trading company with almost 20 years’ experience. Most of the products are exported to Europe, Australia, Canada, and America.

VF Apparel Co., Ltd

VF was established in 2012. It is a 10 years factory good at producing women’s jeans, women’s denim color pants, men`s cargo pants, and men`s jeans.
They are fast response with fast delivery.

NL garment Co., Ltd

This is a professional garment customization manufacturer, especially in jeans.
The fashionable design of jeans and high-quality services get the respect of customers.

Get in Touch

Just send your questions if you are looking for a jeans factory in China


Yes, I am. 

I have a professional team through the denim fabric to the washing technology. We exported millions pieces of denim jeans products to all of the world.

Yes. It is free for the sourcing service.

You can contact the suppliers directly and do business with them by yourself.

We can offer the extra services like QC, follow up orders, that will be charge.

Not all.

I will source the right suppliers to you according to your business status.

Some small business can’t purchase directly from the factory because of the qty. They should go to the wholesale markets to get small qty and more styles.

Some others import bulk products every year. then it will be better to order from the factory to get the best price.

I make the jeans quality inspection in the factory everyday.

I have a professional team to control the product quality.

The simple ways of importing jeans from China is:

confirm the order— pay deposit— loading and shipping— pay the balance — get the BL — custom clearance

Yes. if you you are a small importer to purchase jeans on the wholesale markets, then you can get many small MOQ suppliers.

For the manufacturers, the MOQ depends on the fabric, most of the time, they need big orders to save money and time.