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China Industrial Areas

What is the industrial area?

Industrial Areas also called Industrial Region refers to a geographical region with extremely dense industry. It is usually heavily urbanized. [1] 

Here we list the China industrial areas. As a sourcing agent in Guangzhou, we hope it can help you to get a better suppliers in China.

Luggage Industry Area

ShiLing, Guangzhou: This is a small town in Guangzhou city. The products are always high quality, and most of the replicas are from here. Similar areas like Panyu, Huadu, and Shenzhen.

Baigou, HeBei: The products’ quality is so so with the attractive price.

Pinghu, Zhejiang: Professional in Travel suitcase manufacturing and trading.

Lighting Industry Area

Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong: The base of lighting production.

Liangnong Town, Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang: Another big center of lighting production.

What`s more, some other cities like Jiangmen city, Shenzhen, Huizhou in Guangdong province, and Changzhou, Jiangsu province, Yantai, Shandong province are distributed the lighting factories.

Towel Industry Area

Gaoyang, Hebei: The towels’ output is 30% of the production in China.
Some other cities like Huzhou, Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Yiwu, Zhejiang.

Pet Food Industry Area

Nanhe, Hebei: The largest pet food production base in China.

Swimwear Industry Region

Xingcheng, Huludao, Liaoning: The largest swimwear production base in China.

Other places like Jingjiang, Fujian; Yiwu, Zhejiang has some factories.

Guitar Industry Region

Huiyang, Guangdong: The annual output of Guitar is 25% of the world. And 80% of the world for Ukulele.

Other small parts are from Zhengan, Guizhou; Zhangzhou, Fujian; Weifang, Shandong.

Household Electrical Appliances Industry Area

Hefei, Anhui: The main products are Air conditioner, color TV, washing machine and refrigerator.

Small Appliance Industry Area

Shunde, Guangdong: Most products are Microwave ovens, air conditioners, electric fans, and other small appliances.

Toys Industry Zone

The 3 largest production bases of Toys are Chenghai, Guangdong; Jingjiang, Fujian; Shanghai

Oil Painting Industry Area

Dafen Village, Shenzhen: The decorative oil paintings once accounted for more than 70% of the global market.

Putian, Fujian: Putian’s oil painting industry accounts for 30% of global oil painting production.

Wushipu oil painting village, Xiamen, Fujian: The world’s largest commercial oil painting production base.

Children`s wear Industry Area

Zhili town, Huzhou, Zhejiang
Guangzhou,Foshan,Dongguan, Guangdong
Jimo, Qingdao, Shandong

Underwear Industry Area

Chaoyang, Shantou, Guangdong: The most complete variety

Yanbu, Nanhai, Guangdong: professional for Bra

Gongming, Shenzhen, Guangdong: Branded OEM base.

Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong: The largest base for underpants.

Shenhu, Jingjiang, Fujian: Professional in underwear exporting.

Yiwu, Zhejiang: Mostly for seamless underwear.

Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Shanghai: luxury products

Glasses Industry Area

Danyang, Jiangsu: The largest base of glasses, and lens production in the world.

Other small parts are Wenzhou, Zhejiang; Xiamen, Fujian; Yingtan, Jiangxi; Shenzhen

Home textiles Industry Region

Nantong, Jiangsu: Home textiles

Shaoxing, Zhejiang: curtain

Yiwu, Zhejiang: Furnishings

Tianjin: carpet

Wig Industry Region

Xuchang, Henan: The largest hair extension production base in the world

Mask Industry Region

Xiantao, Hubei: The largest one for mask production in China
Other small parts are Changgeng, Henan; Shaoxing, Zhejiang; Zibo, Shandong

Sports shoes Industry Area

Jingjiang, Fujia: The largest sports shoes production base in China

Lady Shoes Industry Area

Dongguan, Guangdong
Huizhou, Guangdong
Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Garments Industry Area

Guangzhou, Guangdong: Lady fashion

Humen, Guangdong: Lady fashion

Shenzhen, Guangdong: Lady fashion

Puning, Guangdong: Shirts

Hangzhou, Zhejiang: Women’s fashion

Ningbo, Zhejiang: Men`s clothes

Shishi, Fujian: Men`s clothes

Dacheng town, Yiwu, Zhejiang: Shirts

Socks Industry Area

Datang town, Zhuji, Zhejiang

Liaoyuan, Jilin: Cotton socks

Foshan, Guangdong

Makeup brush Industry Area

Cangzhou, Hebei

Luyi, Henan

Shenzhen, Guangdong

Yiwu, Zhejiang

Makeup Industry Area

, Zhejiang

Trinkets Industry Area

Yiwu, Zhejiang: The largest Trinkets production, wholesale base in China.

Fishing gear Industry Area

Weihai, Shandong
Guan, Hebei
Cixi, Zhejiang
Dongyang, Zhejiang

Walkie talkie Industry Area

Xiamen, Fujian
Quanzhou, Fujian
Shenzhen, Guangdong

3C Industry Area

Shenzhen, Guangdong

Baby supplies Industry Area

Quanzhou, Fujian

Household daily use Industry Area

Fuzhou, Fujian

Kitchen daily necessities Industry Area

Yongkang, Zhejiang

Home Decoration Industry Area


Ceramics Industry Area

Dehua, Fujian

Electronic clock Industry Region

Zangzhou, Fujian


It can easily source a large number of manufacturers according to the industry region. 

So you can check the location of the supplier next time you source on the internet (made-in-china or other platforms).

The city check shows the product search result.

But this does not mean that it must be an excellent supplier. It would help if you had more checks for a safe business.

Of course, this is not the full list of China’s industrial areas. We`ll keep updating the list.

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