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Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

Your reliable Purchasing Solution partner for small businesses in Guangzhou, China

What we do

To ensure proactive dominance, present win-win survival strategies. Ultimately, moving forward.

Sourcing Service

Divided into Supplier sourcing and Products sourcing. Find the right suppliers or products for you through a variety of methods.

Production Follow-up

Follow up on your various orders, whether they are large or small orders, and keep reporting on the specifics of the orders

Quality Inspection

Conduct different quality inspection at different stages of production to ensure product qualification rate to save your money

What will we do is to assist you to connect to the manufacturers, and help you deal with the suppliers to make sure your products are produced correctly, then ensure your orders are smoothly going to your warehouse.

Partnerships for authentic experiences

Sourcing and Purchasing in Guangzhou and others

In our 8 years of real sourcing experience, we have developed a scientific and perfect procurement process, therefore we can complete each sourcing project efficiently and quickly. 

Completed Projects
Worldwide Client
Million in Growth
Years of Experience

We are trusted by more than 200 clients

You are dealing with a Guangzhou sourcing agent company with 8 years experiences of sourcing and purchasing. 

Recent Case Study

We work alongside companies and individuals.

Clearly, we recognize that you need not risk, but rather gain less hassle and more safety during your time with a sourcing agent. That is the reason why we take our work seriously because any slight negligence can lead to serious losses 

The Latest Projects

Here are the products or suppliers we sourced for the buyers

Guangzhou sourcing agent project

Disposable cups


Disposable cups sourced on the Hotel supplies wholesale market in Guangzhou

Guangzhou sourcing agent project



Shampoo products sourced on the Hotel supplies wholesale market in Guangzhou

sourcing t-shirt



T-shirts suppliers sourced for an American on the Canton Fair

News & Blog

There is no such thing as a single step in business, they must be done piece by piece. Our team helps you grow in every aspect of your career.

Just follow the blogs of sourcing tips to get more info.

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We have 8 years of experience in sourcing

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent as a local team, we handle the purchasing needs of numerous foreign clients in each year