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Sourcing Agent

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent Provide individual sourcing services for small businesses.

With in many years of sourcing agent and purchase assistant experiences in Guangzhou, I helped more than 200+ buyers from all over the world import products from China successfully.

online sourcing

sourcing service

Product sourcing is the process of finding and purchasing the right products to sell on your company or storefront. It is very important in a business no matter big or small.

order consolidation

order consolidation

Maybe you need to purchase the products from different companies, and you want to ship at one time to save money. I can help you to combine all the orders from different suppliers, ship them together.

local business guide

business guide

I will be your business trip planner and interpreter in Guangzhou if you want to visit the wholesale markets, or have a factory tour as well as attending the exhibition. The private assistant in Guangzhou, China

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Fast response

Quick response to your questions anytime

full experience

8 years experience in sourcing service in Guangzhou

Expert Staff

Local Team can be your best guide for business

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Kind words by clients

“Thank you so much! When my business was very difficult, it was your conscientious and responsible work that gave me great help, thank you!”
“GOALRUNNING is great! Very excited to cooperate with this Guangzhou sourcing agent for my business. Very experienced and friendly staff! Many thanks”


post-finishing jeans

jeans products

We have our own factory for denim jeans produce.

With our many years of jeans production experience, we can help you solve any problems in the production of jeans or the development of new styles.

sportswear wholesale market

sportswear sourcing

There are several wholesale markets that specializing in sportswear in Guangzhou. These markets cover almost all types of activewear and accessories.

So sourcing the sportswear manufacturer for the buyers is a task that requires a lot of effort.


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wholesale jeans

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Sportswear manufacturer

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