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The Top 5 Foshan Furniture Market

About Foshan Furniture Market

Foshan furniture market is very famous in the furniture industry all over the world, as Foshan city is one of the most important furniture production centers in China.

Foshan is located near Guangzhou city, and it takes about 55 kilometers from Tianhe District in Guangzhou to Foshan Furniture Market. Renting a car or taking a private car only takes an hour.

Foshan has a mature furniture industry chain with numerous factories including furniture design, wood processing, metal processing, plastic molding, etc., making it an ideal place for large-scale furniture production and sales.

The production and sales of furniture in Foshan are mainly centered around Shunde and divided into two concentrated areas: Longjiang and Lecong.

Lecong is known as the “China Furniture Trade City” and is mainly a sales distribution center for furniture brands. Whether it’s home or office furniture made of wood, metal or plastic can be found here.

Longjiang is the largest raw material production and procurement base for furniture in China and even Asia. The entire industrial chain from product design, production, sales to supply of raw materials is complete.

Introduction to the top 5 best Foshan Furniture Markets

1, Global Furniture wholesale center

Global Furniture wholesale center mainly deals with wholesale and retail of various types of furniture and home furnishings such as mahogany furniture, solid wood furniture, rattan furniture, leather furniture, iron art furniture, fabric furniture, home decorations, curtain fabrics, lighting fixtures, and decorative lights. It is a large-scale base for furniture and accessory wholesale procurement in the Shunde District of Foshan City.

Global Furniture wholesale center

The Louvre International Furniture Exhibition was established in 2000 and is located in Lecong, Shunde, known as the “Capital of Furniture Trade in China”. It is a global and comprehensive home furnishing group that integrates creative design, furniture research, and development, mall operation, five-star hotel operation, and commercial tourism.

Due to its complete furniture categories and numerous merchants, Sunlink Furniture City has attracted home furnishing buyers from all over the world. It includes five major professional furniture series: mahogany furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, modern light luxury furniture, and European and American classical furniture with thousands of suppliers.

4, TuanYi International Furniture Center

TuanYi International Furniture Center is a furniture mall located in Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City. It has a sales area of 100,000 square meters and mainly deals with products such as sofas and home furnishings.

TunaYi International Furniture Center

Eastment International Furniture City was founded in 2003, with a total area of 150,000 square meters. It has sofas, office furniture, mahogany furniture, panel suites and comprehensive furniture. It is a large-scale furniture wholesale mall that specializes in export furniture and high-quality exhibition halls.

There are many furniture markets in Foshan, far more than the five recommended in this article. Every year, it attracts tens of thousands of foreigners to come and purchase. Whether you are a furniture wholesaler, retailer or brand owner looking for suitable furniture suppliers or professional furniture manufacturers, you can find them all in Foshan.

How to get to the Foshan furniture markets?

However, Foshan is a small city near Guangzhou without direct international flights. You need to fly to Guangzhou first and then drive or take a taxi to Foshan.  As I mentioned infront, it will take 1 hour.

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