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Wholesale Markets

Here are the articles from Archives about wholesale markets in Guangzhou city and in the cities around Guangzhou. China sourcing agent

Shaxi Apparel stock market

Shaxi market is a free and open market, which made up of hundreds of storefront shops and evolved from the wholesale market of cloth fabric.

Leather markets in Guangzhou

Baiyun world leather trading center and Yi Sen leather market are located in Guihuagang in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Wedding dress market

Wedding Street is one of the biggest wedding stuff shopping places in China and the biggest distributor of wedding dresses in Guangdong Province.

Women fashion wholesale market

Guangzhou Shisanhang wholesale market is actually a clothing business district, which including many apparel business buildings.

Guangzhou wholesale market list

For foreigners who come to GUANGZHOU to purchase, it is a headache that they are not familiar with Guangzhou and can`t find a suitable supplier.