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Guangzhou wholesale market list

This is a blog about the wholesale market in Guangzhou. We will keep updating…

For foreigners who come to Guangzhou to purchase, it is a headache that they are not familiar with Guangzhou and can`t find a suitable supplier. And most of the vendors on local markets can not search online or Alibaba. This blog mainly introduces the various types of wholesale markets in Guangzhou, hope it can help you, if you have other questions and can`t find the solution, welcome to leave me a message.

Guangzhou currently has about 1000 specialized wholesale markets, with a total construction area of more than 9 million square meters, covering more than 40 commodity categories, forming a relatively complete wholesale market system. After years of development, and a number of functional clarity, and a large-scale professional wholesale market group has gradually developed.

Guangzhou’s professional wholesale market is well-known in domestic and abroad for its clear functions, strong regional character, product concentration, sufficient quantity, and complete range. Every year, it attracts thousands of domestic and international merchants to purchase, thus effectively promoting the development of Guangzhou’s economy, especially the tourism and service industry.

Clothing Wholesale Market

Baima Clothing Market: high-grade Women’s clothing, Fashion Wholesale and retail;
Address: No. 16 South Zhannan Road, Guangzhou

ZhanXi Clothing wholesale market: Middle and high-grade Clothing Wholesale, retail;
Address: Zhanxi Road, nearby the railway station.

LIUHUA CLOTHING WHOLESALE CITY: Middle and low-grade clothing wholesale;
Address: 194 West Huanshi road, Guangzhou

Hongmian Fashion Plaza: Men`s and Women`s Middle and high-grade Clothing Wholesale;
Address: Zhanqian road

Shisanhang fashion market: All kinds of fashionable women’s clothing wholesale;
Address: Shisanhang Road

Yulong Clothing City: Men, women, Children’s clothing wholesale;
Address: 229 GuangyuanXi Road

Jiangnan Wedding Dress Street: Wedding dress, Evening Dress Wholesale and retail;
Address: North of Jiangnan Boulevard

HAIZHU WEDDING DRESS STREET: Wedding supplies, Wedding clothing
Address: 549# East of Nanhuadong Road

GAODI STREET: low-grade belts, underwear, socks, accessory wholesale, and retail;
Address: Gaodi Street, Beijing Road

Leather products wholesale market

Baiyun World Leather Trade Center: Leather case and handbag
Address: 1356 Jiefangbei Road

Jinyi Leather Square: Leather products
Address: 1453 Jiefang North Road

Yisen Leather Products City: Leather goods
Address: 1389 Jiefang North Road

Anxing Leather City: Leather bags
Address: 1339 Jiefang North Road

Dongsheng leather goods city: Leather goods wholesale
Address: 3rd Street, Ziyuangang

Qianse Leather Goods Square: Leather goods, bags
Address: Ziyuangang, Jiefang North Road

Ziyuangang leather products market: Leather goods, luggage
Address: Ziyuangang, Jiefang North Road

New View Green Leather Collection: Leather goods wholesale
Address: 1119 Jiefang North Road

Xinxing Leather Products City: Leather goods wholesale
Address: Zi Yuangang

Hongfa Leather Products Store: Leather goods wholesale
Address: Zi Yuangang

Shoe wholesale market

Kingma Shoes City: Middle and high grade shoes wholesale
ADDRESS: 39# Zhanxi Road

New World Shoes Plaza: high-grade shoes wholesale
ADDRESS: 12# Zhanxi Road

Xinqilu shoes wholesale market: Shoes Wholesale
Address: 133# HuanshiXi road

Huichang Shoes Square: Shoes Wholesale
Address: 103# HuanshiXi road

International Shoes Plaza: Shoes Wholesale
Address: 103# HuanshiXi road

Space Shoes Square: clothing, shoes

Metropolis Mall: Shoes Wholesale
ADDRESS: 88# Jiefangnan road

China South Shoe Industry City: All kinds of shoe industry
Address: 1629# South of Guangzhou Boulevard

Textile and clothes wholesale market

Xinhaiyin wool&cloth square: Wool, cloth
Address: 418# Yanjiangdong road

Guangzhou Textile Market: Clothing Category, daily Necessities Category
Address: 112# Xiajiu road

Haiyin wool fabric center: Wool, cloth wholesale
Address: 429# Yanjiangdong road

Guangzhou Textile Wholesale Centre: Textiles
Address: 105-109# Guangfunan road

China South Textile& Raw material Market: Textile raw material gauze
Address: 5 Textile Road

Tianxiong Textile City: Cloth
ADDRESS: Dechang Road, South of Guangzhou Avenue

Zhongda International Textile City: Fabric, clothing accessories
Address: Ruikang Road

Changjiang Clothing Accessories Plaza: clothing fabric, accessories, tags
Address: Ruikang Road

Yangxiang Garment Accessories Professional Street: clothing fabrics, accessories
Address: Yangxiang Road

Cosmetics wholesale market

Guangzhou Meibo City: Cosmetics, hairdressing, washing supplies
Address: 121# Guangyuanxi Road

Xingfa Plaza: cosmetics, washing products, beauty and hairdressing products
Address: 138# Airport Road

Yifa Plaza: cosmetics, washing products, beauty and hairdressing equipment
ADDRESS: 96 ~ 98 Airport Road

Auto parts market

Yiyun AUTO ACCESSORIES PLAZA: auto accessories
Address: 79# Yongfu road

ADDRESS: 49# Yongfu road

JINYONGFU AUTO PARTS CITY: auto parts and accessories
Address: 48# Yongfu Road

YONGFU AUTO PARTS CITY: auto supplies, auto parts
Address: 45# Yongfu Road

Kengkou AUTO PARTS STREET: Chinese and foreign auto parts
Address: Kengkouer road, Yongfu road

LONGFU AUTO PARTS CITY: auto accessories
Address: Hengfu road

YUANGANG AUTO PARTS MARKET: Chinese and foreign auto parts
Address: Shangyuangang, GuangShan road

Guangzhou Huangshi auto supplies wholesale: auto accessories accessories accessories paint
ADDRESS: 48# Huangshdong road

SANYUANLI AUTO PARTS PLAZA: Chinese and foreign auto parts
Address: 249# Guanghuaer Road

Hongyun Auto Parts Plaza: Chinese and foreign auto parts
Address: 68# Guangyuanxi Road

Yiji motorcycle accessories plaza: motorcycle accessories supplies
Address: 466# Yanjiangdong road

Jixiang AUTO PARTS CITY: Auto Parts
Address: 788# Sanyuanli Avenue

Guangyuan Zhanlong auto parts trading center: Auto Parts
Address: 283# Guangyuanzhong Road

Toy and gift wholesale market

International Toy Stationery Boutique Plaza: Toy stationery gifts boutique festive supplies
Address: 390# Yidexi Road

Art Park Boutique Plaza: Toys Stationery Gifts Boutique
Address: 85# Yidedong Road

DEBAO trading market: toys, stationery, gifts, fine festive supplies
Address: 190# Yide road

Yideyiyuan stationery wholesale market: Toy, Fine Ornaments
Address: 423# Yidexi Road

Dejin Wholesale Market: Arts and crafts, Boutique
Address: 235-243# Yide road

Liwan Plaza: Boutique, gifts, jewelry
Address: Changshouxi Road

Onelink Plaza: toys, stationery, Boutique
ADDRESS: 39# Jiefangnan road

Langneng stationery wholesale market: Stationery, Boutique, jewelry
Address: 435# Yidexi Road

Zhonggang toys wholesale city: Toys Stationery Boutique Industry
Address: 399# Yidexi Road

Galas boutique toy city: Toy Stationery Gifts Boutique
Address: 423# Yidexi Road

Jewelry Wholesale Market

Taikang City Plaza: Boutique, jewelry, jewelry, hats and other products
ADDRESS: 111# Taikang Road

HuaHui building: accessories, hats, scarves
Address: 19# Wanfu Road

China South International Commodity City (Xijiao Building): Fashion accessories
Address: 2# Zhanqian Road

Stationery wholesale market

Yiyuan stationery toy boutique market: Toy Stationery Gifts Boutique
Address: 30# Huangsha Avenue

Chaoyang Cultural Products Wholesale Market: Cultural Products
Address: 238# Central of Huadi Road

China South Cultural Products Wholesale Market: Cultural Products, paper products industry
ADDRESS: 44# Nanan road

Nanao wholesale market: Stationery and stationery
Address: 1# Heliu Street, Nanan road

Hotel supplies wholesale market

Nantian International Hotel Supplies Market: Kitchen equipment, food machinery, baking equipment, buffet equipment, all kinds of refrigeration equipment, ice machine, Chinese and western tableware, ceramic products, glassware, cleaning machinery, cleaning supplies, room supplies, bedding, towels, etc. . As well as ice maker, bathroom equipment, fire-fighting equipment, door locks, hardware, safe cabinet, service vehicle cleaning machinery, cleaning agent, labor insurance, plastic, Air Lift Platform
Address: Luoxi Bridge, Guangzhou

SHAXI INTERNATIONAL HOTEL SUPPLIES CITY: Ceramic tableware, glassware, restaurant layout, catering supplies, room supplies, kitchen equipment, food machinery, stainless steel products, cleaning supplies, hardware electrical appliances, bedding
Address: Panyu Bridge

HONGTIAN INTERNATIONAL HOTEL SUPPLIES PURCHASING CENTER: Ceramics, glassware wholesale; kitchen equipment and kitchen supplies wholesale
Address: 528# South of Huadi Road

XINJI HOTEL SUPPLIES CITY: kitchen equipment and supplies, ceramic / porcelain tableware, glassware, stainless steel products, coffee equipment and supplies, hotel linen, hotel furniture, lobby room supplies, cleaning supplies
Address: Yingbin Road, Panyu district, Guangzhou

Eyeglasses wholesale market

XinJiang Glasses City: Modern Eyewear Wholesale
Address: 250# Renmin Zhong Lu, Guangzhou

Nanfang glasses professional market: glasses and accessories optical instrument
Address: 317# Renmin Zhong Lu

Guangzhou Optical City: Optical instrument for glasses and accessories
Address: 260# Renmin Zhong Lu

Guangdong (international) Glasses Trade Centre: glasses and accessories optical instrument
Address: 313# Guangfuzhong Road

Yuehe (international) glasses city: glasses and accessories optical instrument
Address: 322# Renmin Zhong Lu

Fortune Optical & Accessories City: glasses and accessories optical instrument
Address: 11# Dade road

Watch wholesale market

Kowloon Watch shop: All kinds of watches and accessories
Address: 3# QunYing Road, Zhanxi

South clock trading center: All kinds of clocks and accessories
Address: 145# Huanshixi road

Zhanxi Clock City: All kinds of clocks and accessories
Address: No. 5, Qunying road

China South Watch Wholesale Market: all kinds of watches and accessories
Address: 57# Zhanxi Road

Asian Watch city: All kinds of clocks and accessories
Address: No. 5, Qunyingxi Road

Electronic audio-visual products market

HAIYIN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PROFESSIONAL STREET: audio-visual products, household appliances, communications equipment
Address: 3rd Road, Dashatou

STAGE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT MARKET: Stage Acoustics, electrical appliances, lighting
Address: 3rd Road, Dashatou

Xichang electric appliance city: audio-visual products, all kinds of household appliances
ADDRESS: 23# Dongfengxi Road

China South Electric Plaza: audio-visual products, household appliances
ADDRESS: Zengcha road

Xicha Electric Plaza: audio-visual products, household appliances and second-hand appliances
Address: Zengcha Road

TIANLONG ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CITY: audio-visual products, household appliances and all kinds of audio equipment
ADDRESS: 122 ~ 136 Airport Road

Baiyun Home Appliance City: Household Appliances and audio-visual products
Address: Zoumagang Street

General Electric: audio-visual products, audio equipment, household appliances
Address: No. 16, Zhongshanliu road

Consumer Electronic market

South Building: mobile phone accessories, consumer electronics and accessories
Address: No. 49 Yanjiangxi Road

Guangzhou Electronics City: communication equipment, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone accessories
ADDRESS: 16 Xidier Road

Xidi Electronics City: communications equipment, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone accessories
Address: 1-3 Dexing Road

AOXUN DIGITAL MOBILE PHONE CITY: mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, consumer electronics
Address: No. 36, Dashatou 3rd road

Photographic equipment market

Guangzhou Hongyun Photographic Equipment City: Cameras, digital cameras, photographic equipment accessories
Address: Dashatouer Road

Fishing gear market

China South fishing gear market: Fishing Rod, fishing box, Hook, float, line, wheel, Bait, etc.
Address: 1 / F, Liuxiang Plaza, Huadi Avenue

Jinhuadi fishing gear city: Fishing Rod, fishing box, Hook, drift, line, wheel, Bait, and so on; support, fish protection, all kinds of fishing bag, fishing nets, cage, fishing feed
ADDRESS: 42 Central of Huadi Avenue

These Guangzhou markets listed above are well known.

In recent years, with the development of Guangzhou, a number of emerging wholesale markets have gradually developed. 

Now more and more business opportunities in Guangzhou and some of the new special markets grow up. 

For example, there is a large market specialized in clothing overrun orders named Guangda market, Qingfeng apparel wholesale market; and a specialized market for Africans named Yulong Wholesale City.

So, we can not include all the markets in a blog. Thus for more professional marketing information in Guangzhou, please subscribe to our mail service or just send your questions to us.

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