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types of garments

How many types of garments?

There are literally thousands of different types of garments, each with its own unique style, function, and history.

alibaba sourcing

How to operate alibaba sourcing?

People are most likely to use alibaba sourcing products or suppliers in China. This is an Ultimate guide of sourcing on Alibaba.

jeans wholesale suppliers

Top 20 best Jeans wholesale suppliers in China 2022

There are a vast number of suppliers in China and these jeans wholesalers are just a small part of them. Much more wholesalers and jeans factories in the wholesale jeans market in Guangzhou which you can get.

buy jeans online

How to buy jeans online from China in 2022

How to buy jeans online for the Jeans lovers? Online shoppers are no longer restricted by location and can find anything from luxury items to budget garments on Aliexpress, Alibaba, or any other online marketplace.

wholesale jeans

Wholesale jeans in Guangzhou

Several markets are specialized in wholesale and customization of jeans and denim clothing in Guangzhou. You can get any kind of jeans styles from the wholesale markets.

Sportswear manufacturer

All people no matter old and young in the town are making sportswear, some working in a factory, some establish the factory, and some others supply the fabric or accessories.

Can We link Paypal to Alipay?

Paypal and Alipay belong to different countries of payment tools, and because of China’s implementation of strict foreign exchange control policy, we can not link and transfer funds between of them.

industrial area

China Industrial Areas

Industrial Areas also called Industrial Region refers to a geographical region with extremely dense industry. It is usually heavily urbanized.

WeChat Pay

Can foreigners use WeChat Pay?

Foreigners can use WeChat Pay once the WeChat installed and payment function activated. But WeChat pay only accept the credit card of foreigners.