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How to buy jeans online from China in 2022

People buy jeans online more than the tradditional way according to the huge rise in online shopping. 

Fashion lovers are turning to the internet for the latest trends and styles, with China being one of the hottest destinations. Online shoppers are no longer restricted by location and can find anything from luxury items to budget garments on Aliexpress, Alibaba, or any other online marketplace.

One of the most sought-after items is Chinese jeans – they are versatile and last through years of wear. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls when shopping for jeans on the internet. Brands vary massively in price point, quality can be unreliable, and sizing information is rarely available to non-Chinese speakers.

Therefore, it’s salient to have the best idea about the jeans type and ways to source the jeans products from the leading jean manufacturers in china.

So, in this article, we’ll give insight into everything you need to know to buy jeans from china. Besides this, we’ll explore why and how it’s possible, in addition to the best places to source your jeans online from China.

So let’s get started.

Common types of Jeans to Wholesale from China

Jeans are a fashion trend that has withstood the test of time. A person can wear jeans in all four seasons without fail, and they have been a cultural staple for decades.

There are many types of jeans to wholesale from China at affordable prices, but before you buy them, you should know about the different types to find the perfect pair for your needs. For instance, there’s high denim for winter and light for summer. While ripped jeans for fashion and multiple color jeans for kids.

Here are two types to consider when buying jeans online

Wholesale Skinny Jeans from China

Skinny jeans are a perfect fashion statement that never gets old. These contoured-fit jeans are loved by both genders and are considered a wardrobe essential even in 2022. Usually, the skinny jeans are skintight from the waist to the ankle, which makes them hard to get on in the morning, but they often have the stretch that provides easy mobility.

However, skinny jeans are the perfect option for tucking into boots, and it’s a celebrity’s first choice as they are flattering and give a perfect shape to your body figure.

Wholesale Loose Jeans from China

Generally, people love having tight-fit jeans that don’t require a belt, but as the tightness feels constricting, some don’t. For those, loose baggy jeans are a perfect option as it’s comfier and eases one out of your other regular options. Besides this, it accommodates body size fluctuation, and pairing them with sneakers gives polished aesthetics. Even supermodels and fashion icons are also seen nailing down loose.  Due to that, loose jeans have become a street style favorite. In short, slouchy and loose-fitting jeans are again making a strong comeback in the fast-moving fashion industry.

So if you are running an eCommerce store and looking to add a good collection of skin-tight or loose jeans, buying wholesale from China is the best option.

5 Best Jeans Manufacturers in China

There are many wholesale jean manufacturers in China that offer a wide range of denim styles. From the Skinny and loose to the stylish kids’ jeans and more, these manufacturers have years of experience in jeans manufacturing and are the best at what they do.

We have listed some of the reputable jeans suppliers located across China so that you can benefit from them as a novice seller.

1, ABCjeans

jeans manufacturer

ABCjeans is a Jeans manufacturer in China with a lot of experience.

They have a professional team with extensive industry experience in areas such as raw material selection, design, and manufacturing process attention to detail, and timely understanding of industry trends. Their engineers have over 15 years of experience in the denim industry and have a solid reputation both at home and abroad.

Men’s Jeans, cargo pants, denim pants, Women’s Jeans, and Children’s Denim Jeans are their main products. And they have exported more than two million pairs of jeans per year to Latin and Central American markets in recent years, and the number is increasing by 20% per year.

2, Kingsun

jeans manufacturer

Located in Shenzhen, China, Kingsun started its operation in 2002. Since then, they have achieved tremendous growth. Having 15 years of experience under their belt, and investing in innovation and development, they have become a prominent name in jeans manufacturing.

Currently, they are transporting a wide variety of quality jeans all across the globe. And because of their quality and reliable service, their main markets include the United Kingdom, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and France.

3, Suntex group

jeans manufacturer

Since 1998, Suntex group has been a global leader in manufacturing and importing excellent quality apparel. For over 20 years, they have been manufacturing multiple textile products with SGS certification for several brands and retailers all across the globe. Although the headquarter of the Suntex group is in Hong Kong, it has offices in China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh and has an employed staff of 1500 personnel. Suntex’s specialties lie in manufacturing jeans especially woven denim and cotton jeans, and in 2021, its revenue crossed US$80 million.

4, Fly

jeans manufacturer

Situated in Guangdong, China, Foshan Fly is relatively a new name in the jean manufacturing industry. However, in a short time, it has established itself among the best in the business. Being in the field for the last 6 years, Fly jeans is continuously improving and strengthening its market position due to its commitment to quality and great working relationships. The production unit of the Foshan fly is well equipped with advanced technologies and has a production capacity of about 60 thousand per month. Foshan company’s specialties lie in manufacturing and producing all kinds of jeans and apparel and have long working relationships with some known names, including Phoenix Leisure Group, JB, M&M, and more.

5, Guangzhou Sunshiny

Guangzhou Sunshiny

Guangzhou Sunshiny textile is a leading manufacturer and trading company specializing in exporting women’s clothing. They are now with a total of 10 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of women’s apparel, including jeans, sweaters, tracksuits, and more. With its own manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, the company has integrated a powerful supply chain and can cater to orders from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. Also, the quality control and inspection are exceptional, and since their beginning, they have created a strong sales network across North America and Europe. 

Ways to buy jeans online from china

Since jean manufacturing and selling is a growing trend, it’s a lucrative business, and China is a sourcing hub for jeans.

However, the question arises, how to buy jeans online from China in 2022?

There are plenty of options to buy jeans online from China or import in bulk. 

For personal use of small order, choose the websites following:

For the importers or wholesalers in bulk orders, better the ways following

However, the best among all is buying from B2B websites.

It is because B2B websites allow you to choose from plenty of top-rated sellers and manufacturers from the comfort of your home or office. These business-to-business websites are authentic and highly effective, providing a broad opportunity for both buyer and seller to connect and make a deal.

Some most commonly known business-to-business websites include Alibaba, Global sources, and Made in China.

How to source the jeans styles from these websites?

Online platforms such as Alibaba, Global sources, and Made in China are the Holy Grail for sourcing jeans products from china. These websites have a huge list of jeans suppliers in china, which means entrepreneurs don’t need to visit China as they can virtually source any jeans productsin a matter of seconds.

Let’s have a look at the step-to-step guide about how to source jeans products from Alibaba for example. 

It is the similar way for other B2B platforms, see other platforms how to do.

Alibaba is one of the biggest marketplace for individuals and businesses looking to buy jeans online directly from the manufacturer at a wholesale price.

Follow these steps to source jeans products from Alibaba

Open account
open account

To start the process, first, you need to open an Alibaba account. So go to Alibaba and click on “Join free.” Then enter your email and personal information and confirm it to get started.

Search for supplier
search for supplier

The next step is to run a supplier search. Click at the manufacturers’ option on the top of the homepage and then search your desired product. You will see a list of manufacturers along with their ratings and reviews dealing with that particular product.

sort out supplier
Contact Supplier
contact supplier

After choosing the right supplier that matches your requirement the next step is to contact him. Click on the manufacturer name, and it will redirect to the supplier profile, which contains all the necessary information.  On the right side, you will see a “Contact Supplier” button, which allows you to get in touch with the supplier before placing the order.

Although it’s not necessary to reach out to the supplier before placing the order, it’s always a good option to get insight into things you need further clarification on.

Reach out to several suppliers

However, make sure to reach out to several suppliers and ask them different questions to get further clarification. It will help you choose the best one.

In your conversation with the manufacturers, you need to 

  • Evaluate their response and willingness to do business
  • Negotiate prices
  • Delivery time
  • Build a long-term working relationship

Once satisfied with everything, you can place the order and it will arrive within the given timeline.

The process of sourcing jeans online from other B2B such as Global Source, Made in China, and AliExpress is quite similar to Alibaba. It all starts from signing up and then, searching for the perfect products and buyer that matches your requirements. Therefore, you can use this guide as a perfect roadmap to order jeans online from china in 2022.

How to pay online on these websites?

If you are planning to source jeans online from China, there are tons of options available to choose from. As these websites are doing business all around the globe, they offer several modes of payment that they accept. You can select a particular option based on your convenience.

Some of the commonly used payment modes offered by such websites are as follows:

With all these options, you can enjoy one-click payment without moving an inch from your sofa.


Considering the fashion industry landscape, jean manufacturing and selling are growing at a staggering rate worth around US$ 56.2 billion.  In recent couples of years, the online selling and purchasing of jeans have also roared up as nearly 72% of people shifted toward online purchasing. Therefore, for a novice seller interested in doing the jeans business, it’s not a bad choice.

However, novice sellers need to make sure that in order to get the best quality at a competitive price, china is the perfect option. Being the sourcing hub, China has some of the best jeans manufacturers that supply jeans products all around the globe. As China is a country of 2 billion, the majority of the companies are linked with developing and manufacturing so choosing a reliable supplier becomes a daunting task.

To ease this out, you can directly visit the manufacturer’s website and check their certificate, product quality, and cost. Besides this, there are business to business websites as well, which help you get in touch with reliable and reputed sellers so you can buy the jeans online.

So, make sure to do the homework and compare different suppliers before processing the order, as the aim is to buy jeans online in bulk and sell them at a higher profit.


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