Shaxi Apparel stock market

Here we recommend a clothing inventory wholesale market – Shaxi clothing market which located in Zhongshan city.

This is a free and open market, which made up of hundreds of storefront shops and evolved from the wholesale market of cloth fabric. There are hundreds of large and small garment wholesale stores covering all types of clothing products.
Most of the businessmen are local people and running between different apparel factories all over the country every day.

They buy their stocks. For example, the overdue orders, overloaded orders, canceled orders, or the rejects. They buy from the factories, and reorganize it, sort it again, or even reprocess and then packing again. The bags are piled after packing in the showroom and selling.
The minimum order quantity is one package. No retail, no unpacking.

Because of the low price, good quality, and sometimes a lot of original stocks. And also the various item and nice quality. Here has attracted businessman from all over the country such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, and many overseas customers.
And because of the market composed of many free merchants, without government or agency promotion, many apparel practitioners do not know this market. Overseas buyers can only be introduced through their friends.

If you are engaging in the garment industry, if you want to import clothing from China, then you must pay attention to this apparel market. You will like it and keep purchasing from here.

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