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Guangzhou clothing wholesale market

Guangzhou clothing wholesale market occupies a very important position in the national clothing trading.

The consumer structure has great changes, with the people’s living going to a well-off level and a further increase in demand for clothing from urban and rural residents.

Guangzhou is the largest garment market transit station, with many large domestic clothing wholesale markets. So many manufacturers and distributors offer different levels of garments.

In order to help the new friends who come to Guangzhou to find out the clothing wholesale market quickly, we have compiled a list of it. Hope you like it and welcome to leave a message to ask questions about Guangzhou sourcing.

Here is the list of the garment wholesale market in Guangzhou:

  • Baima clothing market
  • Liuhua garment wholesale market
  • Zhanxilu clothing wholesale market
  • Kingbo fashion wholesale city
  • Asia high fashion leather market
  • Kangle Fashion Square
  • Kingmen leather fashion center
  • Hongmian fashion square
  • New land clothing wholesale city
  • Shisanhang clothing wholesale market
  • Gaodi Street Garment Industrial Street
  • Shahe garment wholesale market
  • Guangda wholesale market
  • Jiangnan wedding street
  • Xintang jeans wholesale city

Baima clothing market

Baima is the largest clothing market in Guangzhou. It is known as “Baima building, clothing world”, the market selling radiation throughout the country and all of the world. The main business is high-end fashion clothing wholesale and retail.

Liuhua garment wholesale market

It is located nearby the South RD, railway station. Engaged in the wholesale and retail of high–end clothing.

Zhanxilu clothing wholesale market

Kingbo fashion wholesale city is located on the West Road of Station. Here is the nice Centre for Men’s garments and women’s apparel wholesale and retail. 

The most attractive thing for foreigners is the famous branded clothing here.

Asia high fashion leather market

This market is located in the 4th–10th, Qiyi Road. It is close to Haizhu Square. It engaged in high-end fashion and leather goods wholesale and retail.

Kangle Fashion Square

It is located at No. 921, the North of Renming Road. Here is in the wholesale and retail of high-end clothing.

Kingmen leather fashion center, Hongmian fashion square, and the New land clothing wholesale city

These markets are located in front of Guangzhou Railway Station. Here engaged in the wholesale of high–end clothing, the new land clothing wholesale city is also mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of children ‘s clothing.

Shisanhang clothing wholesale market

This is the market located on Shisanhang Rd, Yuexiu District, near the cultural park. The wholesalers here are accepted in lady fashion wholesale and retail.

Gaodi Street Garment Industrial Street

It is located on Gaodi Street, Beijing Road. Mainly busy in underwear, shoes, socks, and leather belt wholesale, and retail.

Jiangnan wedding street

The market is located north of Jiangnan Avenue, south of Haizhu Bridge. Mainly engaged in wedding, evening dress wholesale, customized, and retail.

Wanjia clothing wholesale market 

Wanjia is located at No. 143, Xianliedong Road, nearby the Shahe market. Mainly engaged in the wholesale of low-grade adult children’s clothing.

Lianquan clothing wholesale street

The street is located on Shahe Lianquan Road. Many clothing wholesale markets on this street.

Shahe garment wholesale market

The market sells all kinds of men’s and women’s garments at medium and low prices.

The main customers are wholesalers and retailers from other cities in China. Most of the time, the MOQ is small and the price is low.

Guangda wholesale market

Guangda is great for all kinds of garments, shoes, handbags, and children’s clothing.

This is a market especially selling stock lots. All the products are from the factories or other markets` clearance. So it is always a very low price with a very high MOQ.

Xintang jeans wholesale city 

The jeans city is located in Xintang town, Guangzhou city. This is the only market that is doing wholesale and retail of jeans.

In addition

There is Tianhe Changyun commercial plaza, Shahe second, and third wholesale market, as well as the first sand industry, the second wholesale market. They are mainly engaged in middle and low clothing, children’s clothing wholesale, and retail.

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