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Women fashion wholesale market

Shisanhang women fashion wholesale market is actually a clothing business district in Guangzhou, which includes many apparel wholesale buildings.

Its address is Shisanhanglu Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou City. People call it Shisanhang for short.

Shisanhang is composed of many markets, including the new China Building, Red Building, Dongfanghong Building, and some small streets around these buildings.

Here is the famous wholesale market for women`s clothing based on the trendy Japanese and South Korean models. It is the best choice for the people who do the mid-range women’s, with fashion style and beautiful and affordable.

women fashion wholesale market

Tips for research before purchasing

For the major clothing store owners, wholesale has been their big problem concerned about. The habit of buying always to be researched first, make clear categories, quality and price, and the final action at last because it is directly related to the profit. Good profit always from good quality and attractive wholesale prices.

As a sourcing agent in Guangzhou, now let`s show you some precautions and tips for research before purchasing in Shisanhang.

  • First, look around.

The market is very large, which is also a lot of choices. So do not start buying before you finished looking around the market. Because sometimes you may be cheated by unscrupulous businessmen. Make sure to be early arrived in the morning in the beginning (must be early, because it is the peak between 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock), you can detect the real situation. If come too late in the noon. Most of the stores are going to close and with no patients.

  • Second, Open your mouth.

Prepare your questions during walking in the market, the more questions you asked, the more information you will get. But don`t ask questions related to the business secrets or the questions makes the owner angry. For example, ” I saw this item in other shops with the same quality cheaper than you”.  You will be unwelcome people.

  • Third, More comparison.

As it is a very large women fashion wholesale market, the same design can be found in many shops. There may be the same design with different quality, and the same quality with big different price. You will not be cheated if you make the research before purchasing. Normally, the price depends on quality. If you just selling low-grade products, you need to find out the lowest price based on the same quality. But if you want a high grade, the quality is the most important.

  • Finally, Communication

It is also very important that we must pay attention to the reaction of wholesalers, some wholesalers may think you are a spy from the competitor.
So be sure to communicate well with them.

Five anti-cheat skills

“No businessman trades without fraud”.

Profit is the most important core for a businessman. But the profit should match the quality of service of the business. Too much profit and high price with low quality will be rape, it must pay attention.  Sometimes the suppliers will cheat you because you look like a novice. So taking some anti-cheat skills is necessary for a novice in the clothing wholesale market.

  • Anti-cheat skills 1:

    find out the details of the wholesalers
    For the new people to clothing wholesalers, you can go to the Trade and Industry Bureau to check the supplier company`s authenticity and complaints.  If the suppliers have a lot of bad records, we must leave as early as possible.
  • Anti-cheat skills 2:

    Be more careful to network purchasing
    No matter what platform on the clothing wholesale business, encountered suspicious behavior, we must be careful. The supplier requests to pay first, delivery later, can not produce the company’s effective documents and offered the clothing price is too low, then you should promptly remind yourself, it may be encounter liar supplier.
  • Anti-cheat skills 3:

    low-price is incredible
    Many businessmen use the low price as bait, and also the liars have taken it this way. “There is no free lunch”, even in the situation of production costs rising. There will be more traps behind the outrageous price.
  • Anti-cheat skills 4:

    It is incredible if pick goods not allowed
    Don`t believe anybody not allowed you to pick out the styles. For the clothing businessman, you must pick the goods by yourself. There is a lot of risk in suppliers’ packages, for example, missed design, low quantity, replaced color, or size.
  • Anti-cheat skills 5:

    Trial small order to select the good supplier
    It is right to pay more attention to cooperating with a new supplier, even if there is nothing suspicious. In the first time purchase, trying a small order is more guaranteed

Hotels nearby

Many people purchase in Shisanhang every year, and mostly from far away or from overseas. Thus the hotels nearby Shisanhang market are always in short supply. Especially in the hot season, many friends are difficult to book a good hotel.  

Here we sorted out a list of hotels nearby the market in 1KM, It will be helpful.

New Asia Hotel
Address: No. 10-12, Renminnan Road, Yuexiu District
Tel: (020) 81881618

Baigong Hotel
Address: No. 17, Renminnan Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou (next to Guangzhou Cultural Park)
Tel: 020-81925999

Shangjiuwan Hotel
Address: No. 46, Shangjiu Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou City
Tel: 020-62756888

Yide Hotel
Address: Yuexiu District Haizhunan Road 163
Tel: (020) 81061292

Xi Di Wan Hotel
Address: No. 185, Changdi Road, Yuexiu District,
Tel: (020) 62656608

Xinhua Hotel (Renminnan Road)
Address: 2-6 Renminnan Road, Yuexiu District (Interchange with Jiangxi Road)
Tel: 020-81882688, 020-81889788

Home Inn (commercial pedestrian street shop)
Address: TaiBai City 4-9 floor, No. 82, Shangjiu Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

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Women Fashion Wholesale market

Here is the video show the Shisanhang fashion market