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How to deal with the Deposit problem?

We Often heard many factories or suppliers complain that their customers have paid the deposit, in a few days they will cancel the order and want to return the deposit. But they have already purchased the raw materials, and the order has started to be produced. If the deposit is refunded, they lose too much, and the customers will not be returned if you insist on.

How do you deal with this?

We checked on the Internet, a lot of people have encountered this situation.

deposit problem

At the same time, however, many foreign buyers complained.  They were cheated by the factory/supplier, once deposit done, no products, no refund.


The situation is basically unfortunate. If the factory/supplier is really in trouble, you can discuss it with them. But if the factory/supplier is really want to cheat you, the deposit absolutely will not get back.

Therefore,  there are a few suggestions for your reference before giving a deposit to Chinese suppliers.

If you cooperate with a factory for the custom product.

  1. Visit the factory during inspection, pass and do not cooperate with the one who does not let you visit.

  2. Check the business license, all kinds of certificates carefully, try your best to make sure the business license or certificates is true.

Here attached China company business License Inquiry website

  1. Confirm the sample before the production of orders, the production must be according to the approved sample and written the details into the contract.

  2. Do not pay the deposit before the sample is passed. If some factories do not make a sample before paying the deposit, you can pay the sample fee first.

  3. Call the police if your money cheated by a factory, try to do everything possible to get the cheated funds back.


If you purchase stocks on the market

  1. Confirm the product style and details, quantity and delivery time before paying the deposit.

  2. Let the suppliers write down the deposit details by their own on their sales ticket, and signed. You take the copied ticket.

  3. If you already paid a deposit, and want to cancel the order, be to notify the supplier as soon as possible. If it keeps too long, the goods are ready, then orders cannot be canceled.