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Battery Scooter Factory Visit

I had a business trip on a battery scooter factory visit on behalf of a customer last month, as I have the factory audit service.

At present, China is the world’s largest exporter of electric bicycles. Tianjin, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang Province are the main clusters of the E-bike industry in China.

If you sourcing the suppliers on Alibaba or any other place, just pay attention the location. The factories I visited this time are all located in Zhejiang Province. 

All of them only produce the Harley battery scooters.

Battery scooter factory A

Factory A is a real factory with 7 workers in the workshop. They have a small workshop around 1,000 square meters.

They design the models, then buy all the components to assemble them. About 1,200 units output/month, according to the boss. They are a pure Harley scooter assembling factory without a sales department right away.

We even can`t find the information online. All the customers are the trading companies located in China.

Battery scooter factory S

Factory S is a real factory also much bigger than A.

We could not see any company logo in the factory and their office. Also, could not find any information of this battery scooter factory online. They treat the own factory as a secret, and even surprised how we find them.

They have around 6,000 square meters workshop with all the 30 staff.

Same as A company, S is an assembling factory without a trading or sales department. Nobody speaks English or any other language. All the orders are from overseas through the local trading companies.

The output is 3,000 units/month. Most of the orders from Europe, 30% from America.

Battery scooter factory D

Factory D without many models in the showroom. All the sales were trying the best to sell one of the models. A big and heavy battery scooter. They said it was the best selling model of the company.

The workshop is about 2000 square meters, but nobody working in it when I was there. It wasn`t off-hours.

The workshop filled with the best selling model packed ready.

Battery scooter factory L

The last station of the battery scooter factory visit is the factory L.

Located in another city, factory L is the biggest one. They set up their own industrial park. Their own workshop with the components workshops located together.

They design and produce some of the components by themselves to save cost. They use the assembly line operation with about 20 people in the workshop. It was around 4,000 units scooters per month output as they said.

Most of the orders are from Europe. There are not too many orders from the US because of US policy. They are selling Harley battery scooters on the B2B platform with a sales team. And supply to the trading companies in China

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