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Guangzhou Car Rental Service


We offer Car Rental in Guangzhou with a private driver besides the sourcing service.

For your business trips in Guangzhou, you may need to visit different suppliers in different regions; you may need to inspect different markets that are far apart; and even shuttle between different cities around Guangzhou.

In this case, the best option is to rent a business car, which can easily reach your destination directly

Service Features

Maximize the optimization of our services, so that you get the most comfortable journey

Private Chauffeur

You will get a private chauffeur once renting a car, easy to get to where you need.

7 Seats Vehicle

We serve you with a 7 seats business vehicle, with room enough during the trip.

Local Guide

The private chauffeur is a local guy who can speak English. It`s a moving map on your trip.

Trips Well Done

Some photos we bring customers to the markets or factories

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Wanna to rent a car in guangzhou?

Get Ready for Your Amazing Business Trip



When using a foreign driver’s license, you cannot drive in China and must apply for a Chinese driver’s license.

Foreign driver’s licenses cannot be replaced with official Chinese driver’s licenses, but temporary Chinese driving licenses can be obtained with a foreign driver’s license and its notarized translation.

Yes, if you just rent the car no drive.

NO, if you want to drive and without a temporary Chinese driving licenses.

It can’t be explained whether it is cheap or expensive in a sentence. 

Normally, the price to rent a business car is higher than a taxi, and it`s even higher with an English speaking chauffeur.

You can check the price on google to get an idea.

More and more people speak English in Guangzhou. But mostly, the driver of a taxi can not speak English.