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Open bank accounts in China

China is the biggest manufacturer in the world.

Every year, thousands of foreigners come to China for shopping and do business, and also tens of thousands of foreigners come to China just for visit and Consumption. These foreigners come to China and stay there for three to five days, a week, a month or months or even years. So there are a lot of people who need to open a bank account. It is much easier to spend, shop, or do business in China if you opened up a bank account of your own.

In the past, it was very easy for foreigners to open a bank account in China. All you had to do was provide a passport. Whether you are a tourist visa, a business visa, a study abroad or other type of visa, you can have a bank account like a Chinese local people, without any more restrictions.

But, not now. With the strengthening of the Chinese government’s supervision of the financial system, the prevention of money laundering, tax evasion and other illegal financial activities. It has become increasingly difficult for foreigners to open bank accounts in China.

For a foreigner who has just come to China and wants to open a bank account, it is no longer enough to provide a passport. You need to provide your passport, and they will review your visa type. If your visa type is resident journalist, Trade long-term visitors, long-term private business, long-term study, employment, and diplomatic visas, you can open a bank account. If you are a regular type visa, or a tourist visa, you’ll need to provide a supporting document, such as a residence permit, a temporary residence permit, a Chinese driver’s license, or other proof of address.

So if you only have a regular tourist visa, you can’t provide proof of address, proof of employment, etc. , and there is really a need of money in China, you have to find someone else to help you.