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Product Sourcing Service
in China
for small business

It will help you build your overseas supply chain without upfront cost!

What you need to do is just submit your requests

Service Overview

product sourcing

We should provide more flexibility, based on insight, to better meet your needs.

You might have interacted with the words "product sourcing" no matter any business you are doing.

Product sourcing is a common term used in business, meaning the potential of acquiring products from a manufacturer or a wholesaler to sell them to your customers.

Unless you are a manufacturer, nearly every business person engages in product sourcing. It involves conducting research on specific products, finding appropriate suppliers, determining the best price in the market, collaborating with suppliers, and settling on the appropriate sourcing method for your business.

You can either outsource your products from the manufacturers or the suppliers for convenience and better rates.

Benefits of Product Sourcing Service

Product Sourcing can help you stand out from the competition

Remaining Competitive

There are only various ways of staying at the top of the game in business. Ensure you understand your customers' pain and what your competitors are denying them. After understanding the pain of your targeted customers, offer them a solution such as better quality at affordable rates. Giving your customers more accommodating options than your competitors helps you capture their attention. Also, understand your customers since some might change drastically. Find out why they might seek other options such as new prices or better quality. Lastly, maintain consistency by outsourcing and making your products readily available.

Focus on Marketing and Sales

Finding a stable platform for outsourcing your products helps you start focusing on other key areas that will enable the growth of your business. First, focus on marketing and ensure you offer the best deals compared to your competitors. Understand the pain your targeted customers are suffering from buying from your competitors and offer them an accommodating deal. This can be achieved by offering them quality products at considerable rates. After winning the market, target sales. Ensure you have a steady supply that will allow you to meet a wider market volume. Lastly, keep records of your sales and understand the needs of nearly all your customers.

Reduces Risks

Although manufacturing your products might offer you a better deal in terms of profits and access to a wider market, it is risky and needs significant capital to start. Product sourcing minimizes the risks of initial market and drastic changes in the market trend. If the market collapses, you can be able to stop your suppliers. This has been evident recently during Covid-19. Most companies had to shut down, making significant losses. Product sourcing minimizes risks resulting from natural calamities, market fluctuations, or technical crises that take time to be addressed.

The ways of China product sourcing

China is rich in all industries so we will not be limited to one way of sourcing products in China.

In fact, there are multiple ways to find the right products

B2B marketplace

B2B platforms

The most famous B2B platforms in China are Alibaba, Made-in-China, and Globalsources. These are international websites that suit for everybody

China local b2b marketplace

Local B2B marketplace

The local B2B marketplaces in China have many high-quality products and suppliers. These are Chinese websites that for the people know Chinese.

business community

Loal Wholesale markets

Besides the online sourcing, there is a traditional way to source products that is sourcing products from local wholesale markets.

How It Works

The whole process of Product Sourcing Service

Step 1

Submit Inquiry

Submit your requests through the form. We need to know your specific needs, the more detailed the better.

Step 2


We communicate and make a feasible plan. Sourcing the right products for you and send the samples.

Step 3

Order Produce

Purchase the products after the samples and price are confirmed. We`ll control the products quality.

Step 4


We`ll consolidate all the orders from different suppliers to ship it together. Make the Packing list and invoice for clearance

Why us

We have the advantages that no other companies can match to

  • Experiences

    More than 8 years of sourcing service in Guangzhou, China. We understand more than your biggest headache

  • Industry Skills

    We know how to communicate with suppliers, and how to handle the relationship with suppliers well

  • Abundant resources

    Thousands of manufacturers/ wholesalers, that have a wealth of choices to meet your needs

  • Flexible ways

    There are flexible ways to cooperate with us. You can choose us full services or just part of it

Product Sourcing Project Done

Show the products we sourced for customers


Toiletries products sourced on the local wholesale market

Metal accessory factory

Metal accessory factory for handbags visit. The supplier is contacted online, then make the factory audits. 

Advertising shirts suppliers sourced from the Canton Fair.

Want us to source products for you?

Submit your requests, and drop everything to us. We will give back to you a big surprise

The FAQs for Product Sourcing

Why Do You Need A China Product Sourcing Service?

1. Language Burrier

The Chinese market keeps expanding to different parts of the globe. Most Chinese conduct their business in English to break the barrier of language differences worldwide.


Today, the Chinese have expanded the business market in Europe, the US, Africa, and nearly all continents because they understand English, among other trade languages.


Conducting business in China might be difficult, Because Chinese is too difficult to learn, and few foreigners can grasp the essence of Chinese. And most of the Chinese suppliers can not speak English. Thus you will need a translator or a middle man.


We`ll be the free translator for you in China business. Our team communicates with customers in different countries around the world every day and is familiar with China’s business culture, which can help you solve the problem of the language barrier.

2. Don’t Know The Production Schedule Accurately

Once the order is confirmed, the factory enters the production period.


A factory’s daily work is very busy, and the factory salesman follows up on many customers’ orders at the same time, so he can’t remember to report your order status to you in time.


We take a one-to-one follow-up method. For your order will have a special consultant responsible for follow-up. The special consultant will manage the production progress information of the order at any time and report the production problems in the order on time.

3. Don’t Know If The Supplier Is Trustworthy

Right now most businessmen are looking for suppliers and manufacturers online. Trust in product sourcing is become important since they can not meet face to face.


However, in daily business activities, deception, and lies are everywhere. This has led to many buyers losing money and even bankruptcy.


So the safest thing is that you can figure out whether the other party is a real company or a scammer before you start a deal, and it`s lucky this can be clearly investigated by your sourcing agent, whether it’s an online survey or a factory audit.


We can make the supplier verification or supplier audit for you before the business. In order to ensure the safety of your own money, this is an essential step in the business.

4. Need Someone To Consolidate Your Orders

As you place more and more orders on Chinese suppliers, you will find that it is a big problem to get together orders from these different factories to ship together.


Because different order shipment schedules are inconsistent, the suppliers are generally reluctant to pile up the produced goods in the factory for too long.


Therefore, it is necessary to have a special person in China to help you collect all the orders, sort out the information, and then unify the delivery.

Which kind of product sourcing service do we provide?

China wholesale product sourcing

Sourcing products for the wholesalers is not a easy job. Because all of the buyers want a best quality product with the lowest price. So we need to try many times and many ways to source a product for the buyer. However, on the other hand, there are great quantity of the same or similar products on the market. What we focus on is to find out the quality suppliers and the best price.

Amazon, Shopify, eBay online product sourcing

For an online importer, they can`t purchase big quantity at a time, they need small MOQ with fast delivery. And sometimes there are dropshipping orders from the online importers. Most of the time, we source the products for online businesses online also. And it`s lucky that there are many online platforms in China for us to source the products.

China custom product manufacturing

This service requires us to be very familiar with the industry. Because a custom product needs to be designed and produced to work with each other. It is difficult to find the corresponding suppliers without deep industry knowledge.

Can we source any kinds of products?

So far, there are several industries we can do:

Fashion accessories,

Consumer electronics,


Watch straps,

Joss sticks.

The information you need to provide to us.

Product exact name: The product name and better with the HS code

Description: Make clear the material, size, color

Plan purchase volumes

Clear photos: upload the clear photos of your product

The process of our product sourcing.

Submit your requests— Get back to communicate details—Sourcing products—Returns search results—confirm results—samples delivery—samples confirm—bulk orders purchase—orders shipping

What are the ways for China product sourcing?

B2B platforms: Sourcing products on these B2B platforms is an eternal topic. (Alibaba, MIC, GS…)

China wholesale marketplaces: There are more other ways for Chinese than foreigners to source products online. That because we have so many China wholesale marketplaces.(1688, hc360, yiwugo, chinagoods)

Local wholesale markets: Sometimes we source the products from the local wholesale markets is easier than online, because we located in Guangzhou and here have plenty of wholesale markets.

How long will I get back your quotation?

It depends on the complexity of your product.


Our lead time is 3 to 7 working days usually. Because in the early stage, we have to analyze your inquiry, determine all the details of the product you are looking for, and then determine the method.

In the mid-stage, we will search for a large number of suitable products, and carefully screen the best products that meet the requirements among a large number of potential products.

In the late-stage we will edit the product information, supplier information and send you a complete sourcing report.


But please let us know if you have an urgent quote.

How much will you charge for the service?

The Pricing Plan

  • Sourcing--- 5 products list FREE
  • Samples--- Send samples
  • Bulk orders, shipping--- commission