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China Religious industry introduction

Religious products are a small minority industry, which not many people concerned about in daily life. We can see there are only 349 products list on Alibaba, and only 31 suppliers on MIC if you search the keywords “Joss stick”. Compared with other industries, this is a very niche industry.

I know many markets in Guangzhou and even wrote an article about the Guangzhou market list. I never pay attention to where there is such a wholesale market, although I have been staying in Guangzhou for many years.
We can find out 3 markets in Guangzhou, China, with an online search such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

The 3 markets are the following:

  • Hualin International jade wholesale market
  • Guangxiao Buddhist supplies Street
  • Yidelu wholesale market.

These three markets are mostly wholesalers,  nearly all the shops are miscellaneous with everything inside,  you can difficult to find a direct factory.
In fact, it is the same as other industries,  there are many large or small bases for these kinds of products.

There are four origins well-known in Guangdong Province in this industry:

  • First, Shantou Chenghai, which with mainly paper products, notes for sacrifice, paper clothing, etc… There are products of high quality, with their own brands, and well-known in Southeast Asia and other countries.
  • Second, Xinhui small Okamura. Here is one of the few professional Hong industry production bases. Buddha incense, sandalwood, incense, and so on.  You are absolutely to find out the factory that hundreds of people or small to a family workshop, as long as the incense products.
    And there is a new religious goods market – Bao Chun International Religious Cultural Products City, which is a window to the surrounding factories.
  • The third is candle production base in Luoding. Basically, all types and uses of candles are produced in Luoding.
  • Fourth, Shunde Chencun, where is a more concentrated wholesale market — Shunde Chencun Kam Lung paper market. It is so-called the paper market. Actually, incense, candles, Buddhist products, and others also can be found here.
    Here is a veteran market, with miscellaneous products, all the people know that direct suppliers more than wholesalers here.