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Leather products sourcing

One of my buyers who is doing the leather products wholesale business came to Guangzhou.

Watch strap is a kind of accessories on watches, so it will be easy to source in the Guangzhou market.

He needs me to bring him to visit some leather products factories for the leather watch strap. This is the third time he comes and he is familiar with Guangzhou, especially the market for his products. He turns to me this time for some new suppliers. The buyer booked the hotel in his own way, which located on Beijinglu Road.

In fact, there are several hotels and apartments, close to Beijing Road Pedestrian Street. This is a good place, coz of the hotel is adjacent to Beijing Road Pedestrian Street. And only 1KM away from the Beijinglu Road subway station. It is very convenient for transportation.

Several boutique and small commodity wholesale markets nearby the hotel. You can visit the wholesale market, looking for suppliers or nice goods in the daytime. And at night, it is amazing for shopping in the malls, tasting foods, and sometimes lucky to get replicas from the street hawkers. What`s more, you can also relax watching movies, do a massage or foot bath after shopping.

I found out some new suppliers for him, and samples sent already. Some from the local market, some from Alibaba or MIC. The buyer isn`t more satisfied than the product. And the price is acceptable.

Some of these new suppliers are special supply to the local wholesale market, the product prices are low, designs are close to the market trend, and are more enough design for buyers.
Some are real factories, but small scale with no more than a dozen workers. There are small but equipped. There will be absolutely people in the position if it`s needed from making samples, delivery, to the workers and management. And, the product quality is quite good, but the price is beyond the expected price of the buyer.

And also some traders with no stalls in the market, only E-shop in the Alibaba B2B platform.  They are also too much kind of products to choose, makes the buyer confused.

Someone doing wholesale in the local market, with getting designs and products from the factory. So the price is a little bit higher, and the quality is relative to the poor point.

The buyer made records for each of the suppliers, taken some of the samples, then go back and do more clear research before place the final order.

He is very satisfied with the visit of this time, and I get the OEM order after a month!watch strap

Croco pattern leather watch straps

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