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How to use Wechat

We will talk about how to use WeChat (register, security check, add contact…) in this article.

To maintain a stable relationship between people, communication is essential. With the popularization of the Internet and smartphone devices, more and more people communicate through social Apps.

Social software also plays an active role in international trade communication. However, it is difficult for foreigners to communicate with their Chinese suppliers because services like GoogleFacebookTwitter, and WhatsApp have been shut down in China.

In China, everyone uses WeChat.

So, right now this is the best choice to communicate with Chinese suppliers smoothly.

Here we will make a brief description of how to register and use it.

1. Download & Install

Search the keywords “WeChat” on Google Play or Apple store, find the app, and install it.

Apple store download
google play download

Sometimes you may not find out in the store.

Then you can also download it from the Offical website.

Wechat offical web dowload
Offical web

2. Register an account.

Your personal mobile phone is needed for the registration.

Wechat register
Wechat register page

3. Security Verification

To avoid the robot’s Malicious registration, you must pass the Security Verification.

Wechat security check
Wecaht security check on register
security check
Wechat security check

The last step for Security Verification is to find more than one of your friends to scan your QR code.

You are going to the next step after passing the verification.

 security check
security check

4. Add Contacts

Your account will be used after all the Security Verification. Now the point for you is to add the new contacts.

Find out the  “Contacts” menu, then click the “Add Contacts”

add contacts

Here 5 ways to add the new contacts in the menu of “Add Contacts”.

  • Friend Radar,
  • Join Private Group,
  • Scan QR Code,
  • Mobile Contact,
  • Official Accounts.
add contact ways
Wechat add contact ways

Here we will introduce how to add new contacts through “Mobile Contact”.

Click “Mobile Contact”, then all you contacts who is using the Wechat will be shown.

Wechat contacts

Edit and send your brief, waiting for the confirmation.

 friends request
friends request

5. Chat

You can chat with any of the contacts after them confirmed your friends requests.

Wechat chatting

Here is a brief about how to use WeChat. Welcome to open the amazing gate.

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