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Image search on B2B platform

Image search is a good complement to the general way.

The way we generally search products online is to input keywords on the B2B platform (alibaba, made-in-china, globalsources), or use the search engin (google/bing) to source products and suppliers through keywords.

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This kind of method makes it easy to find what we want, but not very accurate.

Because it is difficult for us to clearly describe the style and characteristics of the products; In addition, there are different keywords  in different regions for a same product.

Right now, we can use the image search function on the B2B platforms.

By uploading pictures to the search engine, search for pictures that are the same or similar to the images. This is a more easy way than keyword searching.

Features of the image search function:

No need the keywords, which effectively avoids the problem of different keywords for the same product. And the b2b platform also has product category options help to filter the search results.

Now that the image search is fast and convenient, and saving time effectively.

Then is it perfect? Let’s try it.

One of my customers sends me photos of what he is looking for. (women’s shoes, mixed background and pure background, white background and other backgrounds).

We try it with the image search on different B2B platforms. The results are very different.


The image search function reflects the recognition ability of search engines. The recognition ability is different from each other.
Therefore, try more different platforms.

In addition, the picture recognition rate is related to the quality of the picture itself. The more complicated the background, the more difficult it is to recognize accurately. So let`s try to use pictures with a solid color background.