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A Visit to Clothing Company

I got a chance to visit a clothing company since Verification is one of my services

Commissioned by a customer, today I visit a clothing company which specially for the inventory. Actually, I always source the garments inventory from Guangzhou markets or other markets.

The customer showed me the company’s product pictures in advance. There are beautiful models wearing fashion-style jeans, coupled with the attractive text description of the pictures simultaneously. Pictures are well-made and make people have a desire to buy.

Such nice products and the favorable price, therefore it`s really so-called cheap and beautiful.

These high-quality goods and attractive prices attracted the customer. He said it was a rare supplier, and I had to visit the company to find out if it was real. If true, then long-term cooperation.

How about the clothing company?

The boss of this company shares pictures of fashionable products on WeChat every day. He said that he has doing high-quality clothing long time. They purchased goods from the factories specializing in original orders. Most of the products are original orders overrun, overdue canceled, etc. All nice quality with a nice price, without rejects.

They have been in this business for many years, and sell the goods to countries all over the world. Based on these advantages, it is right to choose them.

When I offered to visit their company, the boss hesitated. Finally, at my strong request, he agreed and provided the company address.

The so-called company made me look silly as soon as I entered the door.

Fully equipped office, several sales staff are busy, they are selling on several well-known B2B platforms(Alibaba, made-in-china), get leads from time to time.

A few models hanging in the warehouse, and there is no way to see the beautiful styles they shared on WeChat.

When I offered to find out the style he shared, the boss said he couldn’t find it. Because they sell groceries, and groceries are not equal, so they have no choice.

They mix and package all the different categories together. Each package contains 400 pieces and they do not know the exact style, size, and color. This package is its minimum order quantity. Customers can only pay by quantity and cannot specify styles.

I reported the situation truthfully to the customer, who was very angry and asked me why this company was cheating.

Is this what all trading companies that sell inventory do?

Are those beautiful pictures just eye-catching?

Who dares to work with such a company?

The customer decisively canceled to cooperate with him.

So, my friends. clothing company visit tells us a truth, when you look for products and suppliers online, don’t be fooled by those beautiful pictures and cheap prices. After all, these virtual images are easily exploited by fraudsters.

For a new supplier, you must talk to him face-to-face to avoid deception. The old suppliers who worked well together can order through the network. Now that the (COVID-19) epidemic is serious and there is no way to communicate face-to-face with suppliers, then you can hire a purchasing agent to help you investigate.question!

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